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Quickshot XRF Sales Policy - Terms Conditions

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions: By placing an order, the purchaser agrees to acknowledge to have read the sales policy herein and accepts these terms and conditions without recourse. Prices are subject to change without advance notification. QSX Instruments reserves the right to effect engineering changes and other changes without advance notification. Any inadvertent errors are not the responsibility of QSX Instruments, Inc.
Placing Orders: Email (sales@quickshotxrf.com) is the preferred method of submitting purchase orders or agreements. Contact a QSX Instruments associate to discuss optional methods of placing an order.
Payment Terms: Unless negotiated, all orders require pre-payment in full with shipping, taxes, etc covered by the purchasing organization. Acceptable methods of payment include credit card, certified check, bank transfers or financing/payment plan.  Some methods may be subject to additional charges or processing fees.
If terms other than pre-payment are requested, you may apply for a new account simply by providing your organizations credit reference sheet or completing one provided by QSX Instruments Inc. Allow up to 3 days for processing. Delinquent account terms will be noted on an invoice.
Shipping ChargesPrepaid to QSX Instruments or shipped under the purchasers freight account. QSX Instruments will ship through approved freight organizations for desktop analyzers but can ship handheld systems through FedEx or UPS.
Each order is subject to a handling charge.
Insurance: Available by carrier at current rates and included unless requested otherwise; billable to purchaser.
Title and Ownership: Title and ownership of all merchandise is transferred to consignee when the freight is collected from the QSX Instruments warehouse for delivery (unless purchase is through a payment plan).
Damaged Goods: Inspect crate/package upon receipt for visible signs of damage. If carton is received conspicuously damaged, refuse acceptance and/or alert carrier to the condition. QSX Instruments assumes all analyzers are delivered in good working condition unless immediate contact by purchaser notes otherwise.
Cancellations: Cancellation of orders are only accepted on unshipped orders and a restocking fee of 20% will be applicable in any situation.
Merchandise Return and/or Exchange: No items are accepted for return or exchange without advance notification and our issuance of a Return Authorization Number (RAN). No items are considered for return or exchange beyond 30 days from the date it leaves the warehouse. If accepted, packing and all transportation expenses are assumed by the customer. If accepted, any returned merchandise is subject to a 20% restocking charge, plus shipping and expenses provided the returned goods are unused, undamaged and in a resalable condition as determined by our inspection. Only Credit Memos are issued against material purchases for use within 6 months of Credit Memo date.
Performance Agreements: Some analyzers require a performance agreement be reviewed, and signed, by the purchasing party. These agreements act as a guideline for how the XRF Analyzer can perform in a proper operating environment and under proper use.
Warranty: QSX Instruments warrants its analyzers to the original consumer/purchaser to be free from defects in material and workmanship for the time period agreed to at the time of purchase; covering parts and labor. Any warranty period begins the day that the analyzer leaves the QSX warehouse. Details of the warranty will be provided after an order is confirmed; if a purchaser does not receive the warranty, they should contact a QSX Associate to request a copy. Unless agreed to in writing, no warranty is applicable other than the standard QSX warranty.
Representation: QSX Instruments, Inc. reserves the right to effect product additions, deletions, substitutions or changes in specifications and prices in accordance with good manufacturing practices, technology, material availability, safety and market trends without notification. Any information including actual products furnished by QSX is as representative as possible. Final independent testing and decision to determine product suitability and manner of product use is the sole responsibility of the customer.