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Lead in Paint Testing and Analysis

In recent years, public awareness over the potential health hazards caused by lead (Pb) has grown substantially.  X-ray Fluorescence has become a 'go-to' technology for fast and accurate screening for the heavy metal (and others).  Outside of regulations on lead in consumer goods (CPSIA, Prop-65) and the electronics industry (RoHS), a major concern is identification of lead-based paint.

Common renovation activities can lead to hazardous lead dust and chips when lead-based paint is disturbed and, because of this, the EPA issued the 'Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule' (2008).  This rule acts as a guideline for procedures a contractor should take when working in certain residential environments and may include pre and post testing of a location.

In addition to residential testing (homes, schools, daycares, etc) many non-residential and industrial locations have concerns over lead based paint.  The concern in this capacity is to protect workers from airborne lead particles so identifying paint as lead free must be combined with additional environmental testing procedures.

Lead in Paint Testing EquipmentIn both residential and non-residential interests - Portable X-ray Fluorescence technology (P-XRF) may play a part in the testing protocol.  In the past few years, x-ray tube based systems have become more popular than handheld units using an isotope for x-ray generation.  X-ray tube technology provides a few benefits over isotope based models; including a consistent energy through the source life, registering them with a state is a faster and less costly process, and the user does not have to worry about re-sourcing and disposal like they would with an isotope system.

QSX Instruments Inc. offers an x-ray tube based handheld system that can quickly and efficiently measure lead content in mg/cm2 levels.  The system can be utilized to test for lead-based paint as well as for testing dust wipes, soils samples and more so that a environmental inspection professional can achieve fast, accurate and reliable results.

The Quickshot XRF handheld system (QSX-HH) is available for rent or purchase.
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