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     Two models of XRF are used for RoHS Testing
     Handheld XRF accessories overview

other ways to review Quickshot XRF analyzers...

Web-Cam Demonstrations:  Quickshot XRF has the ability to demonstrate our x-ray fluorescence analyzers through the internet!  Contact QSX to schedule a demonstration of our desktop analyzers where you can clearly see the software for gold and precious metals analysis.  The clip above (and viewed here) is an older version of our on-line demonstration; in our new web-demo approach, you can take control of the software to run a measurement...see how simple the software is to navigate.

Tradeshow Demonstration:  No shows are currently scheduled

On-Site Demonstrations: Part of the reason that Quickshot XRF analyzers are priced so low is that we don't have a large number of instruments in the field for on-site demonstrations.  However, we do provide them whenever possible and the full-credit of rental fees works as a nice way to review the equipment and realize the benefits of XRF technology before making the full investment.

Rent and Review: When you rent a handheld analyzer for one week or one month, you will have the option to credit 100% of the rental fees towards the purchase price of the analyzer - a popular way to try the technology in your real work environment for an extended period of time before making the full investment.

Please review the videos offered and contact QSX Instruments with questions or to discuss on-site demonstrations through one of our distributors.