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Benefits of XRF Technology

At the "How XRF Works" section, QSX Instruments Inc provided a brief overview of how the technology works.  However, its the various benefits that Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence (ED-XRF) spectrometers provide through that process that make them such popular analytical instruments.

Benefits of Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence Include:

  • Low cost solution compared to other analytical equipment
    in addition to low up-front cost, their are almost no after installation expenses associated with LN2-Free analyzers
  • Nondestructive Testing Solution
    with limited or no sample preparation, this speeds up the process and creates a more efficient test process
  • Fast Results
    depending on the analyzer and application demands, most systems can provide results in 10-300 seconds
  • Small...and Getting Smaller
    recent advancements in component size allow for smaller desktop footprints and the introduction of portable options, most notably Handheld XRF
  • Versatile Analytical Solutions
    the most versatile system from QSX, the handheld system can offer solutions for multiple application needs

While most XRF Instruments provide the above benefits the user, Quickshot XRF provides service and support that set us apart from other XRF sales companies and we have made simple to use software/instruments a priortity.

Just a Few Advantages of Working with QSX Instruments:

  • Service and Support with Nationwide Coverage
    including training and after-install support that is not provided by many low-cost analyzer companies
  • Handheld XRF Trial Periods
    100% credit of rental fees towards purchase price; a popular way to try the system in your real work environment
  • Benefits of the Quickshot XRF Computer System
    most of our desktop analyzers will use simple, one chord connection and will not require any special cards or boards
  • Simple to Navigate Software Programs
    designed with the user in mind, the QSX-Software Packages are simple to learn, navigate and process data with 
  • Distribution Network
    we don't know everything about each industry that uses x-ray fluorescence, so we work with various distributors that have experience in a specific industry - adding their industry knowledge to our experience in order to offer complete answers, and solutions, to your needs.

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