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XRF Applications Overview

Originally developed as a measurement device, x-ray fluorescence has grown into a non-destructive testing solution for many more applications.  Quickshot XRF analyzers offer a low-cost solution to a wide range of testing needs and some applications are detailed at this site.  Not all of the application solutions are covered, so contact a Quickshot XRF Representative to discuss your testing need further.

Common Applications Include

Hazardous Substance Detection
     detection of lead, mercury, cadmium, etc in part-per-million (PPM) levels
     CPSIA Screening / Prop-65: detection of heavy metals in consumer goods
     RoHS Testing: in-house testing equipment for HS in electronics
     Lead in Paint: residential and industrial testing for lead content

Precious Metal Identification
     we believe desktop analyzers to be more effective than handheld, but both are available
     much faster than fire assay work and more accurate than other options
     instruments for full precious metal identification or just for gold testing

Soil Testing / Geological Analysis
     field portable x-ray fluorescence designed for identification of contaminents in soil
     fast, in-situ or ex-situ identification of lead, copper, zinc, etc is possible
     handheld xrf rental plans are available for short term testing needs (learn more)

Alloy and Steel Grade Verification
     positive material identification
     x-ray fluorescence handheld systems provide an on-the-spot verification tool

Applications Discussed in the XRF-BLOG
     Toxics in Packaging
          regulations on levels of heavy metals in all packaging
     Defective Drywall Testing (multiple entries; most recent here):
          handheld xrf can detect strontium (Sr) and identify defective drywall