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XRF Analyzers from QSX Instruments

QSX Instruments focus is providing economical x-ray fluorescence analyzers that offer streamlined software, efficient reporting functions, and accurate results for a variety of testing needs.  The Quickshot XRF handheld instrument and a variety of desktop options provide material analysis for hazardous substance detection (RoHS, CPSIA, lead in paint, etc), Gold Identification (and other precious metals assay), and general material analysis.  The following are the primary solutions offered but additional systems are available - contact Quickshot XRF to discuss your interest and our solutions.

QSX-79T - Desktop Gold Tester: the lowest cost gold tester that includes a camera system for accurate sample alignment; a machine that offers accurate gold testing quickly and non-destructive.  

QSX-HH _ Handheld XRF Analyzer: field portable xray fluorescence system that offers multiple software packages to meet a variety of testing needs; most popular for hazardous substance testing (RoHS related, CPSIA screening, lead in paint, etc) and geological testing needs (soil analysis, mining, etc)

Multiple Full Precious Metal Analyzers: The most popular desktop analyzer for accurate analysis of gold, silver, platinum, palladium and other precious metals.  Designed specifically for this interest, the QSX-295T provides a streamlined software package and an overall performance that is unmatched.

QSX-82D _ RoHS Test Equipment: this desktop analyzer is an economical solution for RoHS testing of small electronic components; it features a camera system with cross hairs for sample alingment with excellent reporting functions.

NOTE ON XRF DISPOSAL: QSX Instruments can help to dispose of your working, or non-working, ED-XRF analyzer. 
We provide proper documentation to meet your requirements.
     Email us to learn more about disposing of an XRF.

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