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Precious Metal Analyzer Software: for the QSX-295T and QSX-79T

A major benefit of the Quickshot XRF analyzers are the streamlined software packages.  If considering XRF for gold testing, it should be noted that the Quickshot XRF offers a very simple to operate software interface that allows users to quickly measure gold content (one button operation) and move onto the next sample. 

View a video demonstration of the newest software
Below is a screen shot of the 2012 software version, with the new features:
     - Windows 7 Operating System; one of the only in the industry
     - Single Button Operation; quick and easy
     - Optional Manual Auto-Match; acting as a layer of protection against bad buys

Contact a Quickshot XRF sales associate to schedule a web-cam demonstration on any of our analyzers.

XRF Software for Gold Test Equipment

To quickly summarize the information a user can pull from the Quickshot XRF precious metal analyzer:
1) Spectrum Zoom In-Out _ quickly focus in on the peak that is most critical to you
2) Selected Calibration _ notes the critical instrument, and application, data for efficient review
3) Camera Output _ color image with crosshair focus allows you to insure the measurement meets your needs
4) Statistics _ averages, deviation, etc all available at a glance for your analysis interest
5) Spectrums _ color coded for to help you differentiate between peaks fast
6) Measurements Data _ results are updated as the measurement is taken; information at a glance
7) Measurement Time _ don't look around for the time remaining; just look here

Feel free to contact Quickshot XRF to discuss your interest in precious metal analysis and how the QSX-295T and its simple to navigate software package can help you meet those needs efficiently.