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New Equipment - QSX-295T Information Page Added

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The newest instrument update to the Quickshot XRF website has been added.  An overview of our desktop x-ray fluorescence precious metal analyzer, the QSX-295T, provides an overview of the instrument, software and more.  This system is similar in look the the QSX-79T Gold Tester but was developed for a different application need; full precious metal analysis (comparison and review of both analyzers is coming soon).

x-ray fluorescence for precious metal buying
If you buy scrap jewelry or are a precious metals refiner then the QSX-295T is an analyzer for you to consider.  It provides fast, accurate verification of gold karats and soon after the full precious metal contents of a sample.  Highlights of the system include the easy to navigate software program 

Review the QSX-295T here and contact your regional QSX Distributor to discuss further.