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Steel Grade and Alloy Verification

Verification of different alloys and steels is commonly referred to as "Positive Material Identification" (PMI) and x-ray fluorescence provides a nondestructive solution to properly identifying various metal alloys (their are over 50,000 known alloys) based on their chemical composition.  While both desktop and handheld analyzers provide fast, accurate results; Quickshot XRF has focused on developing our Handheld XRF (QSX-HH) with PMI-Software for this application.  Handheld XRF is a common solution for alloy verification needs because it is relatively low in cost, portable (providing real-time, on-site results) and just as accurate as desktop systems.

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At Quickshot XRF, we have developed our software package for positive material identification based on our previous experience with customers that used XRF for this application.  Software is loaded onto the handheld systems PDA and results are seen in real-time on that device, they can be stored on the PDA but then transfered to a desktop computer for long-term storage, report generation and review.
The current Quickshot XRF software can be used to determine a range of metal combinations; incuding:

      - Tool Steels
      - Stainless Steels
      - Heat Resistant Steels
      - Middle-Low Alloy Steels
      - Copper Alloys
      - Aluminum Alloys

The Importance of Positive Material Identification
With specifications for materials used in various industries becoming more specific, the need for accurate PMI has been increasing over the past few years.  As materials come into a facility, they need to be verified quickly to confirm that the various components match the engineering requirements of a project.  Improper verification of materials could lead to faulty final product and potentially injur users.  Handheld XRF allows for that quick and accurate verification.  Also, as components are sourced from a global market the buyers and users must have a method of verifying what the supplier sends is what they ordered per requirements.

Where Alloy Verification is Commonly Required
Handheld XRF is utilized for positive material identification in a variety of industries; including:
- Nuclear and Conventional Power Plants
- Refineries of Chemical Plants
- Metal Fabricators that produce pressure vessels, valves and other components
- Aerospace Industry; manufacturers of components
- Inspectors that perform PMI for their customers
- Medical Equipment Manufacturers

Visit our overview page for the handheld analyzer (QSX-HH) available from Quickshot XRF or contact us to discuss your material identification needs.