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Applications of the Quickshot XRF QSX-82D

XRF for RoHS and Solder TestingPrimary Application: Hazardous Substance Detection
The QSX-82D was developed specifically for hazardous substance detection, with a focus on RoHS related testing needs.  Its relatively compact chamber, streamlined software package, detection system options, and price point compared to other desktop systems make it a popular and effective solution for in-house screening of electronic components.

Secondary Application Capabilities
Since the initial release of this x-ray fluorescence system, Quickshot XRF has made adjustments to software and component configurations that have expanded the analyzers application reach.  While the primary use of the analyzer should always be for hazardous substance detection, additional capabilities can be considered...

Additonal Applications Include:

Thickness Measurements
When appropriate, the QSX-82D can be offered with a thickness measurement software package and a configuration that allows the end user to accurately determine the thickness of plating.  A common interest is in measuring solder thickness over a substrate and the QSX-82D can offer a solution for that interest with appropriate standards and set-up.

Solder Composition Analysis
With the understanding that many of the organizations interested in XRF capabilities for RoHS analysis will also have solder related quality control interests, this Quickshot XRF analyzer can be set for solder composition analysis.  Incoming verification of solder bars can be efficient and accurate when the analyzer is prepared with appropriate calibration curves and the QSX-82D software package provides the flexibility needed for standard, and proprietary, solders.

Solutions Analysis / Plating Bath QC
While most users think of ED-XRF capabilities on solid sample materials, the technology is versatile and can also be used for analysis of liquids and powders.  While not a common application for the QSX-82D, the model does have capabilities for plating bath analysis depending on the specific requirements involved.

With any of these applications, a major benefit that the QSX-82D from Quickshot XRF offers is a streamlined software package.  The user interface and navigation limits the learning curve for obtaining measurements, storing data, and developing meaningful reports.

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