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Soil Testing with Field Portable XRF (FP-XRF) Technology

Fast, accurate and on-site soil testing is now possible with the Quickshot XRF handheld analyzer (QSX-HH). The QSX field portable x-ray fluorescence system provides the solution when environmental monitoring, site remediation or assessment is required.  Utilizing a cost effective Si-PIN Detection System and a software package developed for geological analysis, the QSX-HH will provide the technology required to quickly identify soil contamination resulting from RCRA Metals and other pollutants (elemental range of K to U; includes lead, arsenic, etc).

Field Portable XRF Arsenic Levels SoilAccurate identification of contaminated soils and their patterns is critical when reviewing a work site and field portable x-ray fluorescence allows for in-situ analysis.  The technology also allows for ex-situ analysis when applicable.  With minimal sample preparation, almost instant results can be achieved and reviewed, then considered in work site decisions. 

The Quickshot XRF system meets EPA Method 6200 protocal for determining elemental concentrations in soil and sediment.  The method is applicable to the in-situ and intrusive analysis of analytes (including both RCRA and non-RCRA analytes) with the major benefit of rapid field screening.  EPA Method 6200 was developed to provide an approach for fast, powerful and cost effective site characterization; which the Quickshot XRF handheld provides. 

Some Advantages of Soil Screening with FP-XRF:

Reduce Costs and Time of Disposal/Treatment
By correctly identifying and mapping contaminated soils with XRF technology, the total volume of soil requiring removal and/or treatment will be greatly reduced.  The immediate results provided will allow for more efficient field operations.

Nondestructive Testing Helps Avoid Failed Clearances
On-site testing is achieved with minimal sample preparation and the same samples can be sent to off-site laboratories for confirmation after clearance requirements are achieved.

Adjust Excavation Immediately
Field Portable XRF provides almost instant results after a sample is prepared; this allows modifications to be made in the excavation process as sampling/testing is completed.  Determine today where your adjustments need to be made.

Field Portable XRF Soil Testing Lead Content

Benefits of the QSX-HH:
     GPS Mapping Function; saves results to coordinates for site mapping
     Meets EPA Method 6200 Protocal
     Nondestructive testing method for sample verification at off-site laboratory
     Fast identification and quantification of RCRA Metals
     Field proven x-ray tube based analyzers (no isotopes)
     Simple software navigation and data transfer for report generation
     Low cost, but effective, Si-PIN detection system
     Rental Plans Available - with option to credit 100% to purchase   

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