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Website Launched for Newest XRF Line

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QSX Instruments, Inc newly released linbe of x-ray fluorescence instruments now has a home on the internet.  The Quickshot XRF analyzer line's website (www.quickshotxrf.com) has been launched and will grow with informative and technological overviews of XRF as the QSX product line grows...

With the help of the CMS website design team at Savvior Technologies, the Quickshot XRF website will feature:
QSX Blog: for discussions on all things XRF; including instruments usage, regulatory issues and more
XRF Technology Overview: a run-down of how the nondestructive technology works and how it can work for you
Application Briefs: overviews of the most common uses of x-ray fluorescence technology
Instrument Overviews: of course, what XRF site would be complete without information on the product line?