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Current Quickshot XRF Users Testimonials

At QSX Instruments Inc, we work hard to make sure that clients receive the best technical support so that they obtain maximum return on their investment in x-ray fluorescence.  From time to time, clients provide some feedback on their experience with our Application Specialists and analyzer line.  We post some of these to our XRF-Blog and they are summarized below (testimonial opens in new window).

               NEW Quickshot XRF pays for itself quickly for gold buyer / coin dealer

               A gold buyer using the QSX-295T discusses the initial support provided 

               Full credit of Handheld XRF rental fees it discussed by a current user of the system

               The sales staff worked with a gold buyer to make certain he was happy in the long-run

               Upgrading to a Si-PIN Detection System helps the return on investment when gold buying

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