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XRF Options for Full Precious Metal Assay

XRF for Full Precious Metals AssayWhen gold is the only metal of interest, QSX Instruments Inc suggests the QSX-79T analyzer.  However, most gold buyers (and all refiners) have an interest in accurate verification of more than just gold.  Having the ability to accurately quantify silver, platinum, palladium and other metals has grown as a requirement and Quickshot XRF has developed three benchtop analyzers to meet varying requirements of accuracy, measurement speed, and budget. 

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An overview of precious metal assay options follow, but contact a Quickshot XRF sales associate to discuss what factors are critical to you and learn more about the best system to meet those needs.

QSX-79Tplus: this model expands on the capabilities of the QSX-79T.  Featuring a Si-PIN detector, the 'plus' model provides consistent accuracy for a full range of metals and has earned a reputation as one of the best values on the market.  It is the prefered system for serious gold buyers or new refiners.
          major benefit: value for budget

QSX-295T: the best selling system in the Quickshot XRF line-up.  This model provides the accuracies of higher end analyzers at a fraction of the cost.  Compared to the QSX-79Tplus, it offers slightly faster measurements and improved accuracies.
          major benefit: accuracy with competitive cost of acquisition

QSX-295Tplus: the newest desktop model in the QSX Instruments analyzer line.  This model is the evolution of x-ray fluorescence for precious metal assay.  It provides the speed, accuracy, and repeatability required by refiners at a relatively low price point.
          major benefit: speed with precision and repeatible results

primary differences  QSX-79Tplus QSX-295T QSX-295Tplus
Interior Chamber (WxDxH) 11.5"x12"x3" 12"x11"x4" 16.9"x11.8"x3.9"
Detector Si-PIN Si-PIN Silicon Drift (SDD)
Resolution 170-180eV 170-180eV 120-140eV
Measurement Time 30-100 sec 30-60 sec 10-30 sec
Typical Accuracy * 0.5% to 1% 0.35% to 1% 0.25% to 1%

Gold Silver Platinum Testing by XRFAll three solutions include the latest software package, developed in 2012, that provides simple navigation through a single button measurement function and a Windows 7 operating system for report generation.  The software allows users to decide how detailed they need to be - measurements can be obtained after a quick overview of the software or an experienced user can dive deeper into spectrum analysis.  Review the XRF software further.

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Precious Metal Assay Xray Fluorescence Analyzer    Quickshot XRF for Testing Gold, Silver, Platinum

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* information is subject to change; typical accuracies based on analysis of standard precious metal alloys and refer to percentage accuracy to an absolute value.