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Handheld XRF Features

The handheld x-ray flourescence instrument available from Quickshot XRF comes with a variety of features that, combined with its high-performance, make it a great value.

Handheld XRF Youtube VideoNot listed in the features below is the one-on-one support that Quickshot XRF provides each and every user of the QSX-HH.  Whether your organization purchased a unit or is renting the system, our Application Specialists provide operation manuals and training so that you will be obtaining results and getting a return on your investment within hours of receipt - quick use is also thanks, in part, to our easy to navigate software packages.

However, it doesn't stop there, as our team of experts are available to provide the support and consulation that some users require when adding calibrations for the first time or transfering data.  No matter what the question, the Quickshot XRF team is here to help.


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Click here for videos on the Handheld X-ray Fluorescence System and its accessories

Features include a laser light positioning system to help insure accurate analysis of the sample or component required.  Two rechargeable lithium batteries come with every instrument (and charger) which last five to six hours.  The trigger of the instrument can be locked in for hands-free measurement; this is especially useful when companies utilize the Handheld Mounting Stand that makes the system more like a desktop analyzer.  When the trigger is locked-in, the measurements can be controlled with the removable PDA; which has the easy to navigate software on it.

Also included with every analyzers are the carrying case, with its durable exterior and foam lined interior it is the best way to safely transport the system and its accessories.  Accessories include reference standards, nose cap for smaller samples and more.

Handheld XRF Software

The Quickshot XRF line was developed by technicians that have been involved in x-ray fluorescence technology for many years.  Based on their knowledge of what XRF users need, it was critical that the instrument line provide software that was simple to navigate and they have achieved that with the current software options.

The handheld x-ray fluorescence system offers multiple software packages; including a hazardous substance, geological/soil testing and precious metal analysis packages.  This approach allows Quickshot XRF to offer the system at an excellent price point.

With its straight forward set-up and measurement procedures the unit can be used with minimal training to obtain results and store them on the PDA.  During the measurement time (which can be set for 10-300 seconds) the user can review real-time results, the spectrum or information on the instrument set-up for that test.  After results are collected, the user can store them on the PDA's history or transfer them to any desktop computer for long-term storage, review and report generation.



The QSX-HH measurement time can vary.  Based on a users needs and requirements it can be as low as 10 seconds or as long as 300. Often when users begin holding the system for that long, they prefer the optional instrument stand.  This creates a 'desktop' style instrument but after simply detaching the handheld analyzer, the user can take the system anywhere they require testing.  With the removable PDA and Trigger Lock; the system can be run with ease from a users desk or anywhere else.

Contact Quickshot XRF to discuss the software and features or to schedule a rental 
so you can try the system and see its benefits before making the full investment.

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