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Experience, Knowledge and Vision......three factors that were key in developing the low-cost Quickshot XRF analyzer line from QSX Instruments.  Using over thirty years of experience in providing service and support of all x-ray fluorescence models, the development team had the knowledge of what XRF users need and had the vision to offer low-cost systems that were simple to navigate for precise results.

The Quickshot XRF line provides solutions to a variety of testing needs - hazardous substance testing to meet RoHS and CPSIA regulations, precious metal analysis for mining purposes or scrap jewelry buying, alloy verification for incoming quality control plus many other applications.  From desktop analyzers for in-house testing to our two portable XRF system for the mobile laboratory; we offer low-cost testing solutions to help solve your organizations testing needs economically.

QSX Instruments, Inc also provides the support and consultation that many organizations that aren't familiar with x-ray fluorescence technology require.  As noted by the application versatility, XRF is a technology that can meet many testing needs - with the proper Application Specialists and support team behind the user.

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Latest News

Dispose of Your XRF

QSX Instruments can assist with the disposal of old ED-XRF analyzers. Email us the details of your working (or non-working) system to get details.


NOTE: We will provide proper paperwork to document for any state requirements.

Videos of RoHS Test Equipment

A new page on the website features our handheld and desktop analyzers performing RoHS testing and how easy they are to operate. 
View the RoHS Testing Videos

Featured Product

Solder, Thickness, Bath Analysis

Solder, Thickness, Bath Analysis

The QSX-82D was developed for RoHS related screening needs but offers additional applications.  Review a brief overview of the XRF analyzers capability to test solder, thickness, and plating bath.

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