Testimonial: QSX-295T gold/precious metal buyer

When I first talked to Quickshot XRF representatives they suggested the QSX-295T for my gold, and precious metal, buying needs.  However, I did start with the lower cost QSX-79T and quickly realized the limitations discussed were present.  The staff of QSX worked with me to make sure I was satisfied and I was able to upgrade to a QSX-295T.  This analyzer has been what they said it would be – accurate, consistent and able to handle a variety of metals and sample mixes.

I am very pleased with the QSX-295T; it is easy to use, doesn’t require calibrations and provides results on par with much more expensive analyzers.

Dan D.
San Antonio, TX
Jeweler/Gold Buyer

At Quickshot XRF we try to help potential users get the best x-ray fluorescence system to meet their needs.  Organizations have a variety of reasons for moving forward as they see fit but the end goal of Quickshot XRF is the end-users satisfaction and we’ll always work for that…if that’s additional training, upgrading a system, etc.

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