Plated Gold? New Literature Discusses This Concern…

One of the most common questions we are asked about the Quickshot XRF analyzer line is if the technology can help protect gold buyers from plated gold.  Since it is such a common question, our Application Specialists put a little overview together highlighting what aspects of the QSX-295T Analyzer will help to protect a gold buyer.  You can request this summary through the literature request form (linked here).

Gold? Or, Plated Gold?
Gold? Or, Plated Gold?


This is yet another benefit of x-ray fluorescence technology because limiting ‘bad payouts’ will increase profit – your profit.  If you have ever purchased plated gold pieces or are concerned that increased gold prices will lead to increased ‘knock-offs’ then request the overview (from our literature page; here) and contact Quickshot XRF to discuss further.

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