XRF Price Question

This was a great question I heard recently while discussing the QSX-295T…

A gold buyer looking into all of his x-ray fluorescence options asked me “Why can your system be so much less than the competition?”  Before I could answer he followed that by saying “…when I ask your competition why theirs are so much more than yours they couldn’t really tell me why.”

The answer is that while all XRF analyzers are similar in the basic components of an x-ray tube, high voltage power supply, solid state detector, etc. the difference in cost is that other analyzers are designed to be more versatile machines…developed to test for a wide range of applications.  Because of this, other systems require additional (costly) features or components like automatic filters, multiple collimators, etc.

The Quickshot XRF QSX-295T was designed specifically for identifying gold karat and precious metal content; this means it does not have features that a gold buyer or refiner doesn’t require for accurate analysis.  Therefore, the user of the QSX-295T gets a very reasonably priced system that still performs as well, or better, than the other models on the market.

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