QSX-82D RoHS Test Equipment Demo Video

A new video is available that provides a demonstration of the desktop analyzer (QSX-82D) in action.  The video was taped as a quick follow-up to the previous blog post that highlighted the differences between Quickshot XRF’s handheld and desktop analyzers in RoHS testing.    Recorded by an Application Specialist after a web-cam demonstration of the system, it offers an overview of the QSX-82D taking a measurement then pulling the data to generate a report.  It is a fairly brief video and highlights the analyzers streamlined software and report functionality.

Currently, the video is not on the Quickshot XRF Youtube page but can be requested through a sales associate through the Quickshot XRF Contact Page.  It may be added to our Youtube page in the future.

It should be noted that we also have a video of the Handheld XRF Analyzer in action in case you are comparing the operation of the desktop analyzer and the handheld system.

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