Quickshot XRF moving forward…

It is amazing that we are already at the  half way point of August.  It seems like ages ago that we first launched the Quickshot XRF analyzer line and this website but it has only been a month or two.

We have had great interest already because in todays economy, people want choices.  Particularly low cost choices that can give them the performance that they required – that’s what the Quickshot XRF line offers.

The most popular instrument has certainly been the Handheld XRF unit; distributors have found that alloy/steel grade verification is the most requested application; so it’s good that we completed the PMI-Software Package in time for them.  Of course, with RoHS and CPSIA regulations heating up; the hazardous substance software has been great to offer also.

We look forward to adding more distributors and working with you directly if needed so that we can provide that low-cost testing solution that you require.

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