Quickshot XRF Website – one week old

Quickshot XRF AnalyzersWell, the Quickshot XRF website is one week old today – how quick they grow up.  It was just over a week ago that this was pretty much a blank section of the world wide web.  In the past week, however, we have added a pretty good chunk of content that we hope helps you know more about our analyzers and your applications.

Additions in the first week include:
- Hazardous Substance Application Overview
- Handheld XRF Instrument Page and Detail Pages
- The ‘How XRF Works’ Section
- plus a bit more here and there

We’ll continue to add content, including overviews of the CPSIA and RoHS regulations, new instrument overviews, resources and a bunch more.  Please be sure to post a comment here or send us an email if you have specific questions on anything here or want a certain topic discussed.

Thanks for the interest in Quickshot XRF

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