Protection Against Counterfeit Electronic Components

I recently read a blog post at EBN Online by Dawn Gluskin of Soletec Electronics that listed ten ideas that can help supply chain professionals avoid conterfeit components.  Since Quickshot XRF has added the QSX-82D for RoHS testing and composition analysis, we have been working with a number of independent distributors, circuit board manufacturers, etc to help them meet in-house screening/inspection requirements.  I thought the blog entry would be of interest to those visitors to our site and it can be reviewed in full here.

The blog includes tips like ‘making certifications a requirement’, ‘working with distributors that are aligned with industry organizations’ and ‘identifying distributors that have systems in place to screen for counterfeit parts’ among others.

RoHS-Test-EquipmentPart of in-house screening may include x-ray fluorescence (XRF) technology; like the QSX-82D from Quickshot XRF.  In these situations, XRF Spectrometers are used to detect poor quality or counterfeit components by measuring the elemental composition of materials present in the parts and then comparing them with an authentic part.  While counterfeit parts may pass electronic functionality tests, critical elements may be missing or replaced with lower cost elements that can compromise the parts performance in various situations.

With an appropriate x-ray fluorescence analyzer, distributors can verify components for RoHS and material composition; providing assurance to their clients that they are providing complient electronic components.  Review that blog and contact Quickshot XRF if you have a need for in-house screening solutions.

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