Study on Reduction of Lead Content in Jewelry

A recent study by the Center for Environmental Health was published in the July 2010 Environmental Science & Technology Journal.  The study utilized x-ray fluorescence (XRF) and laboratory verification to evaluate the effectiveness of California legislation that limits lead content in jewelry (Proposition-65).

The study utilized a Handheld XRF Analyzer similar to the Quickshot XRF system (QSX-HH).  Of interest to organizations considering x-ray fluorescence technology for CPSIA and Proposition-65 screening of goods is this comment …the correlation between the two test methods (XRF and ICP) was robust enough to give us confidence that the XRF is a cost-effective, efficient tool for identifying jewelry with lead content in violation of the California standards“. 

ABSTRACT (linked is site with full study):
Exposure to lead-containing jewelry has been identified as one cause of elevated blood lead levels. Because of the significant health effects of lead exposure, litigation and legislation in California set standards for lead content of children’s and adult jewelry. We measured compliance with these standards for jewelry sold at 42 major retailers statewide. During a one-year period, we purchased over 1500 pieces of jewelry and used a two-step process (X-ray fluorescence analysis followed by laboratory verification) to identify noncompliant jewelry. About 4% of the jewelry we purchased did not comply with California lead standards, dramatically less jewelry with high lead content than has been measured in the past in California and in other states. We identified violations at 26 retailers. The violations were not restricted to particular types of jewelry or a particular price range. Most violations exceeded state standards by at least 2×. Litigation and legislation have been effective tools for reducing the prevalence of jewelry with high lead content in California

What method is your organization taking in screening for CPSIA and Proposition-65 regulations?  Many in your position realize the benefits of XRF and, while they may utilize outside laboratory analysis of goods, they add an extra layer of protection with in-house XRF screening. 
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