Holding a Handheld XRF

Now and then, Quickshot XRF receives calls from companies that are using the QSX Handheld XRF Analyzer that have grown tired of holding the unit.  It is a light weight system (under four pounds) but measurement times can vary from five seconds up to three-hundred seconds – so it could be a long time holding the ‘gun’ over a sample.

Handheld XRF in Hands-Free Instrument Stand

Handheld XRF in Instrument Stand

When we receive these calls, we tell the user that they should do one of two things.  One option is to shorten the measurement time; of course, this is one variable that can affect an XRF analyzers accuracy so some people don’t want to shorten it or can’t for quality control procedure reasons.  The second option then, is to add the instrument stand to work with the unit.

The instrument stand makes the Handheld XRF more of a ‘desktop’ unit.  Attaching the handheld unit to the bottom of it so that it points up, a user would lock the trigger down and can then control the unit from the removable PDA.

With the stand from Quickshot XRF, the user can keep measurement times as long as they may require to obtain accurate results – and don’t have to worry about a sore wrist the next day.  However, if the user needs to take it on the road, they just remove it from the stand, put it in the carrying case and hit the road for accurate testing…

Check out the handhelds feature page to see the stand with ‘xrf gun’ mounted in it.

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