Gold Testing: Top Five Benefits of Quickshot XRF Desktop Analyzers

One of the most popular uses of the Quickshot XRF analyzer line is for accurate detection of gold and other precious metals.  While we do offer both handheld and desktop systems for this purpose, we would always suggest the desktop options as they provide the best long-term return on investment.

Gold buyers, jewelers and refiners have several brands/models of desktop gold testers to choose from.  However, Quickshot XRF is earning a reputation for providing an excellent value (top performance at an excellent price) along with other benefits over competitive desktop systems.

The top five benefits that QSX desktop x-ray fluorescence analyzer provide over others includes:

New Software (2011) Features Windows 7 OS:
simple navigation and report functions with karat identified in 10 seconds and full content percentages in 30 to 60 seconds (as opposed to other machines that require 100 seconds to meet the Quickshot XRF accuracy)

No Calibration Service Required:
calibrations on Quickshot XRF systems will typically last over one year and you can calibrate yourself when needed.  Other companies offer systems that require calibration every 3-4 months with on-site services at $500 to $600.  The Quickshot XRF approach could save you $1,800 to $2,400 per year!

Camera System Comes Standard:
a feature that others charge for is included on all QSX desktop systems – the automatic sample photo is a nice addition to reports and helps with sample alignment, especially with smaller sample areas.

Powerful X-ray Tube:
the 50 kV tube is oil and air cooled; this more powerful component runs at a lower current than many competitive analyzers so the Quickshot XRF tube will last longer and be more stable

Top Solid State Detection System:
QSX uses Amptek detectors which has a lower resolution (approx 170ev).  This means a Quickshot XRF analyzer is a more stable machine to provide consistent results and better accuracy

Schedule a time to discuss these benefits and how they apply to your testing needs.

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