Testimonial: upgrading x-ray fluorescence analyzers

As many of you know, when gold prices spiked their was an increase in gold buy-back organizations starting up.  Many serious gold buyers turned to x-ray fluorescence technology to separate themselves from other gold buyers.  This is one major benefit of XRF but if the wrong system is selected then the accuracy and range of metals may not meet a buyers interest.

When the interest in x-ray fluorescence was growing, many sales organizations suggested proportional counter detection systems (aka ‘prop count’) to meet gold buy-back interests.  They promised accuracy across a range of precious metals…but that is simply not what a ‘prop-count’ system can offer.

At QSX Instruments Inc, we have been able to help gold buyers that purchased ‘prop count’ systems to upgrade their technology and obtain the accuracy, ease-of-use and range of metals that make XRF Technology a true benefit to their operations.  One current client offered the following statement on his upgrade to an Si-PIN Detection System (the QSX-295T Precious Metal Analyzer):

“Even though the price was right, the low-cost proportional counter system that we were using was not giving me the return that I thought it would because the technology is limited to yellow gold.  The upgrade to a QSX-295T with the better detection system (Si-PIN) has allowed me to see much better accuracy on gold plus the additional precious metals I need to know about (silver, etc) to get the best return on my investment in XRFThe Quickshot XRF staff made the upgrade process simple and the investment to upgrade has been well worth it.”

Rick P.
Owner / Buyer
Michigan Gold Buyer Organization

You can request literature to learn more about the difference in performance that detection systems can offer (request 79T v 295T comparison) or contact a QSX Instruments technical advisor to discuss your current buy-back operation and, possibly, XRF Analyzer.

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