Standing out from other gold-buyers…

As the price of gold rises, you have probably noticed an increasing number of gold-buy-back companies and jewelry stores that offer to “buy your gold” (depending on why you are at this website, that could be considered an increase in ‘competition’).  With increased competition comes a need to stand out from the others and the obvious question…how does an organization buying gold stand out from the competition?

buy-gold-testerOne way that organizations are answering that question is to promote the accuracy of their gold testing methods – and companies that are using x-ray fluorescence (XRF) have a great advantage over organizations using less accurate methods.

In just the past few weeks, I have noticed companies promoting their use of XRF for gold analysis through press releases, youtube videos, handouts and on their websites.  Having advanced testing capabilities lets the gold seller know that they are working with a serious business that is paying out on the highest accuracy – it separates one gold buyer from their competition…XRF could separate you from your competition.

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