Read All About It: New Design for Gold Tester

XRF Analyzer NewsIn our News section we have added an article covering the various changes to our gold testing system.  The QSX-79T is an x-ray fluorescence unit that performs best for gold content of a sample because of its detection system.  It has performed very well to this point we wanted to redesign it so that it was more compact (takes up less bench space) and so that is had the newest version of software.

We are very excited about the software addition as this package sets the QSX-79T apart from otherXRF Analyzers that are low-cost gold testing options.  The system is a great value – providing accurate gold content information quickly and easily.

Read all about the updates at the News Page (link here) and visit the following two links for more information on the system:
- QSX-79T Gold Tester Instrument Page
- Software Package Overview Page (from QSX-295T)

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