Don’t Buy “Fake Stuff” When Buying Jewelry…

A recent episode of a ‘reality show’ about a major pawn shop in Michigan (you may know the show) highlighted a concern that many gold buyers have – buying ‘fake stuff’.  The show features a father and son that operate the pawn shop and the son wanted to invest in x-ray fluorescence (XRF) technology to help save them money (in the long term) while the father would only look at the short term investment.

At one point during the show, the son said to his father “over the years, you’ve accumulated (boat)loads of fake stuff…if this (XRF) is going to save us money then we need to use it”.  They ended up getting a trial/rental of a Handheld XRF Analyzer and saw immediate benefits by determining the material composition of a piece they were considering buying – the results showed that the piece was not what they were told it was.  That one example saved them a few thousand dollars.

While we typically suggest the Desktop QSX-295T over Handheld XRF technology; both analyzers can provide long-term benefits to their users…most importantly, saving money on bad buys and increasing overall profits.  QSX Instruments will have some details on ‘fake stuff’ (more commonly referred to as plated golds) in the next few days…contact Quickshot XRF to request that information when it is available or check back often.

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