Defective Drywall Update – Strontium Testing

The QSX Application Specialists have been doing some work since the first XRF-Blog post about the potential use of x-ray fluorescence in detecting defective drywall (blog post linked).  We have been working with a few organizations involved in home testing and utilized the Quickshot XRF handheld system to test a few pieces of both acceptable and defective drywall.

Is this defective drywall?

Is this defective drywall?

The initial results were very promising.  In only 5 seconds our analyzer can offer information on Strontium (Sr) content in a piece of drywall with good accuracy.  Our Application Specialists have found its best to run tests at 5 second measurement times and, if those results fall within a specified parts-per-million (ppm) range then do a 20 second test for increased accuracy.

Testing for Strontium levels in drywall with Handheld XRF Analyzers has been reviewed by the CPSC and proven as an effective method of detecting defective drywall.  If levels are under a specified amount then the piece can be considered acceptable.  If, however, the ppm levels exceed that amount then further testing should be performed. 

X-ray fluorescence is popular for a variety of applications because it is a nondestructive test method.  For this reason it is gaining interest for the drywall testing – no need to destroy something that it acceptable.

Contact Quickshot XRF (here) to discuss this new application  and check back as updates are posted.

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