Toy Industry Statement on XRF Technology for CPSIA Screening

I recently found some information while reviewing the Toy Industry Association Inc (TIA) website about CPSIA Screening and the potential role of x-ray fluorescence.  Below is the opening paragraph of a statement from the website.  Below that I have also included a link to the full statement and a CPSIA Resource page from the TIA website.

From the Toy Industry Association statement:
Based upon information provided by experienced engineers, safety authorities, and manufacturers of the instruments involved, the Toy Industry Association (TIA) believes that X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) technology may be reliably used as a screening mechanism for detecting the presence of  heavy metal elements in toys when  prescribed test methods are followed and the appropriate standard reference materials are used. 

As noted in previous posts, CPSIA Screening is one of the most popular uses of the Quickshot XRF Handheld Analyzer.  The above information provides some useful information for toy importers, manufacturers, retailers, etc as all aspects may be affected by CPSIA regulations.

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