New (shorter) Handheld XRF Video Demo

A new video demonstration has been posted to the Quickshot XRF Youtube Channelthanks to toy cheese.

Toy Cheese Lead Test
Yes, cheese.  I had the chance to visit the main QSX facility recently and also visit with family that lives near by.  One night my nephew was chewing on a piece of toy cheese from a kids kitchen set and I thought “I hope that doesn’t contain lead”.  So, I took it into the office and tested the toy on the Quickshot XRF Handheld Analyzer using the CPSIA Screening software.  Luckily; it showed lead content as a non-detect…so he can chew away (?).

After running that test I wanted to tape a shorter video than our previous one on the Handheld XRF Analyzer.  The video runs through the initialization and measurement procedures related to hazardous substance testing.

You can probably tell from looking around our website but detection of lead, cadmium and other heavy metals is a major application for XRF technology.  The QSX handheld system performs very well on the application and has been chosen by a variety of companies looking to screen per the CPSIA regulations – sporting good manufacturers, childrens jewelry importers, textile and clothing manufacturers and more.

At Quickshot XRF the moddo is “consider us for the price…choose us for the performance” and that is what people have been doing.  Enjoy the video; more will be posted soon and feel free to make any suggestions…


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