CPSIA Lead Limits Get Lower

Our friends at the MJSA reminded us that August 14th, 2009 marked the lowering of federal limits for all CPSIA affected product lines.  The new limit is reduced from 600 parts-per-million (ppm) to 300 ppm.  For paint or a similar coating on a product intended for children age twelve and under, the limit is now 90 ppm.  An overview of the changing limits can be reviewed here.

This regulation affects all importers, manufacturers and retailers of childrens products (click for additional information on CPSIA and XRF).  The MJSA reminds us because of their concern relating to children’s jewelry but apparel and toy lines (among others) are also affected.

While XRF Analyzers are utilized by the CPSC for inspection of imported goods and is a proven method for in-house screening of products; the CPSC has still been reviewing its effectiveness in lead detection.  They recently released their report titled “Study on the Effectiveness, Precision, and Reliability of X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry and Other Alternative Methods for Measuring Lead in Paint” which will be reviewed and discussed in future XRF-Blog postings.

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