Testimonial: QSX-295T Support and Software

QSX-295T Gold Tester Screenshot

QSX-295T Gold Tester Screenshot

The QSX-295T Full Precious Metal Analyzer from Quickshot XRF was developed for ease of use, offering straight forward software and report functions for gold buyers that have limited time to obtain accurate results.  While the software package is one of the more streamlined, most users that are new to x-ray fluorescence will have questions and concerns at the beginning.

Typically, most organizations will utilize the operation manual and video training guide to begin using the QSX-295T for accurate gold content information within a few hours of receiving the system.  However, we realize the technology may take some time to pick-up on and the Quickshot XRF technical support staff is ready to provide the training and support required.  We offer phone/email consultation for the lifetime of the system as well as options for on-site training and remote (web-cam) training.

Below is a note that we received from a gold buyer that was new to XRF Technology and required some phone consultation before truly understanding the capabilities of the QSX-295T.  They now see the Quickshot XRF performance and noted their appreciation for the technical staff’s assistance in learning the instrument.

“I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your help getting this (XRF) up and running.  Your patience and humor helped out quite a bit.  Please pass this on to your “supervisor”, if you want, for a job well done.  Not much to say other than a big Thank You…”

Jim W
XRF Operator
Gold Buy Back Operation

47th Street Demonstrations: see the QSX-295T in action

Just Announced!

47th Street XRF DemonstrationQuickshot XRF representatives will be providing demonstrations of the QSX-295T Precious Metal Analyzer in New York City…on 47th Street; the diamond district.  Our Application Specialists have recently finished working with some major refiners and NYC gold buyers to insure the performance of the QSX-295T to meet the demands of the New York City market.  Now, we are bringing it to you and will be available the week of April 25th to provide free, one-on-one, demonstrations.

Follow this link to register 
Contact a Quickshot XRF associate with any questions

Note: this is the last week of April and, as such, is the last week that the QSX-295T will be available at a special discounted rate.  We are pleased to bring the analyzer to NYC and hope to see you there…

Plated Gold? New Literature Discusses This Concern…

One of the most common questions we are asked about the Quickshot XRF analyzer line is if the technology can help protect gold buyers from plated gold.  Since it is such a common question, our Application Specialists put a little overview together highlighting what aspects of the QSX-295T Analyzer will help to protect a gold buyer.  You can request this summary through the literature request form (linked here).

Gold? Or, Plated Gold?
Gold? Or, Plated Gold?


This is yet another benefit of x-ray fluorescence technology because limiting ‘bad payouts’ will increase profit – your profit.  If you have ever purchased plated gold pieces or are concerned that increased gold prices will lead to increased ‘knock-offs’ then request the overview (from our literature page; here) and contact Quickshot XRF to discuss further.

Don’t Buy “Fake Stuff” When Buying Jewelry…

A recent episode of a ‘reality show’ about a major pawn shop in Michigan (you may know the show) highlighted a concern that many gold buyers have – buying ‘fake stuff’.  The show features a father and son that operate the pawn shop and the son wanted to invest in x-ray fluorescence (XRF) technology to help save them money (in the long term) while the father would only look at the short term investment.

At one point during the show, the son said to his father “over the years, you’ve accumulated (boat)loads of fake stuff…if this (XRF) is going to save us money then we need to use it”.  They ended up getting a trial/rental of a Handheld XRF Analyzer and saw immediate benefits by determining the material composition of a piece they were considering buying – the results showed that the piece was not what they were told it was.  That one example saved them a few thousand dollars.

While we typically suggest the Desktop QSX-295T over Handheld XRF technology; both analyzers can provide long-term benefits to their users…most importantly, saving money on bad buys and increasing overall profits.  QSX Instruments will have some details on ‘fake stuff’ (more commonly referred to as plated golds) in the next few days…contact Quickshot XRF to request that information when it is available or check back often.

Testimonial: Handheld XRF Rental to Purchase

“We started with a one-week rental, knowing that we could credit the full amount to the purchase price of the gun (Handheld XRF).  After using the system for the week we saw the benefits of having in-house screening and purchased the system from QSX Instruments.  They have supported us as we learned the equipment and we have been satisfied with the analyzer that we purchased through them.”

Mike Z
Quality Control
Electronics Distributor

As you may know, Quickshot XRF offers companies interested in Handheld XRF technology the opportunity to credit 100% of one week and one month rental fees to the purchase price of the system.  This has been a great benefit for organizations that don’t have experience with x-ray fluorescence to utilize the technology for an extended period of time before making the full investment.  This has been especially helpful for companies looking for solutions to CPSIA (and Proposition-65) screening.

The statement above was a brief review from a company that did utilize the rental as a ‘trial period’ and have been pleased with the systems performance for their hazardous substance detection needs.  Contact an XRF Specialists from QSX Instruments to discuss your interest in portable x-ray fluorescence testing and they can discuss the options to meet that interest.