Cadmium Levels in Childrens Products

There is a new concern for importers, resellers (and of course users of) childrens jewelry…cadmium. 

Regulations on lead content (CPSIA, Proposition-65, etc) in product have increased awareness of the toxic metals negative effects and created a need to substitute lead with another substance.  Unfortunately, a recent report by the Associated Press (AP) states that many Chinese manufacturers of childrens jewelry are replacing lead with cadmium in the manufacturing process. 

Cadmium is no better for children than lead.  In fact, on the Center for Disease Controls list of the 275 most hazardous substances in the environment, Cadmium ranks 7th.  It does not need to be ingested to hinder brain development or cause other health problems in the very young; simply mouthing or sucking on an item containing the toxic metal can lead to development issues.

In the full AP report they note that of 103 products purchased off shelves to test, 12 of them contained over 10% cadmium.  While the lead regulations may have lead to increased amounts of cadmium in product; we have seen both toxic metals present in items since we began testing for hazardous substances.

QSX Instruments will certainly be following any developments and regulatory adjustments that come from this report.  Our Handheld XRF Analyzer with hazardous substance software is popular for lead testing but it can also provide accurate levels of cadmium in childrens jewelry or any other product.

CPSIA Stay of Enforcement

Based on a news release from the CPSC (which can be viewed in full here) the CPSC has extended the date for third party testing of childrens products.

The release reads “…the Commission voted 4-1 to extend the stay on certification and third party testing for children’s products subject to lead content limits until February 10, 2011. Under this decision, products must still meet the 300 ppm lead limit now, but certification and third party testing to show compliance will be required for all children’s products manufactured after February 10, 2011. A children’s product is one that is primarily intended for children 12 and younger…”

XRF testing toy package

XRF testing toy package

Also noted, is that “…Domestic manufacturers and importers are not required to test nonchildren’s products using an independent third party lab. However, they must certify that nonchildren’s products comply with applicable CPSC regulations by issuing a general certificate of conformity (GCC) based on a reasonable testing program…”

XRF Analyzers can assist in providing a testing solution for your compliance needs.  Through our versatile XRF rental programs a company can prove compliance to regulations that affect a product line or by adding a low-cost Handheld XRF analyzer an organization can have a permanent method of in-house compliance testing.

Contact Quickshot XRF to discuss your product line and the testing solutions that we can offer for your CPSIA screening and other lead testing needs.

Standing out from other gold-buyers…

As the price of gold rises, you have probably noticed an increasing number of gold-buy-back companies and jewelry stores that offer to “buy your gold” (depending on why you are at this website, that could be considered an increase in ‘competition’).  With increased competition comes a need to stand out from the others and the obvious question…how does an organization buying gold stand out from the competition?

buy-gold-testerOne way that organizations are answering that question is to promote the accuracy of their gold testing methods – and companies that are using x-ray fluorescence (XRF) have a great advantage over organizations using less accurate methods.

In just the past few weeks, I have noticed companies promoting their use of XRF for gold analysis through press releases, youtube videos, handouts and on their websites.  Having advanced testing capabilities lets the gold seller know that they are working with a serious business that is paying out on the highest accuracy – it separates one gold buyer from their competition…XRF could separate you from your competition.

Chinese Drywall Creates a New Application for Handheld XRF Analyzers

You may have already read an article or watched a report on the negative effects of Chinese drywall.  These new reports show that defective drywall creates a variety of issues, including corrision of metals within the walls and possible health risks.

One method of determining if drywall is defective (problematic) or acceptable is to test for levels of Strontium (Sr); as defective drywall has 2-3 times the levels of Sr present.  A recent study (lead by the CPSC) has proven that x-ray fluorescence is an effective method of determining Sr content.

One article (click here for full article) about the defective drywall problems and research into them notes that an outside laboratory “…found that by using handheld x-ray fluorescence (XRF)…they were able to detect markers that could identify Chinese-made drywall at a sheet-by-sheet level.” Those ‘markers’ are detecting Sr in parts-per-million (ppm).

Quickshot XRF is looking into this new application and how our technology can be beneficial in testing drywall.  We will be offering new software packages and rental options to meet the testing need, so check often for details or contact QSX Instruments to discuss.

YouTube videos from Quickshot XRF

Quickshot XRF can now be found on YouTube!  We have added two videos to start, both featuring our popular Handheld XRF system.  One highlights the features and accessories while a second provides an overview of how to use the unit.

The usage video runs a little longer than we hoped (working on a shorter version) but it does detail the Handheld XRF (QSX-HH) system and software as used in hazardous substance detection; focussing on RoHS Compliance.

Quickshot XRF on YouTube; demo's and overviews

Additional videos will be developed in the near future and the current ones can be found throughout our website or at YouTube…
Overview Video here!
Demonstration Video here!

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