Cadmium Levels in Childrens Products

There is a new concern for importers, resellers (and of course users of) childrens jewelry…cadmium. 

Regulations on lead content (CPSIA, Proposition-65, etc) in product have increased awareness of the toxic metals negative effects and created a need to substitute lead with another substance.  Unfortunately, a recent report by the Associated Press (AP) states that many Chinese manufacturers of childrens jewelry are replacing lead with cadmium in the manufacturing process. 

Cadmium is no better for children than lead.  In fact, on the Center for Disease Controls list of the 275 most hazardous substances in the environment, Cadmium ranks 7th.  It does not need to be ingested to hinder brain development or cause other health problems in the very young; simply mouthing or sucking on an item containing the toxic metal can lead to development issues.

In the full AP report they note that of 103 products purchased off shelves to test, 12 of them contained over 10% cadmium.  While the lead regulations may have lead to increased amounts of cadmium in product; we have seen both toxic metals present in items since we began testing for hazardous substances.

QSX Instruments will certainly be following any developments and regulatory adjustments that come from this report.  Our Handheld XRF Analyzer with hazardous substance software is popular for lead testing but it can also provide accurate levels of cadmium in childrens jewelry or any other product.

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