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Testimonial: Handheld XRF Rental to Purchase

“We started with a one-week rental, knowing that we could credit the full amount to the purchase price of the gun (Handheld XRF).  After using the system for the week we saw the benefits of having in-house screening and purchased the system from QSX Instruments.  They have supported us as we learned the equipment and we have been satisfied with the analyzer that we purchased through them.”

Mike Z
Quality Control
Electronics Distributor

As you may know, Quickshot XRF offers companies interested in Handheld XRF technology the opportunity to credit 100% of one week and one month rental fees to the purchase price of the system.  This has been a great benefit for organizations that don’t have experience with x-ray fluorescence to utilize the technology for an extended period of time before making the full investment.  This has been especially helpful for companies looking for solutions to CPSIA (and Proposition-65) screening.

The statement above was a brief review from a company that did utilize the rental as a ‘trial period’ and have been pleased with the systems performance for their hazardous substance detection needs.  Contact an XRF Specialists from QSX Instruments to discuss your interest in portable x-ray fluorescence testing and they can discuss the options to meet that interest.

Quickshot XRF Rental Program – popular for two different reasons

If you are interested in the Handheld XRF Analyzer available from QSX Instruments then you may have reviewed our XRF Rental Plans.  While companies considering x-ray fluorescence as a testing solution may have similar testing needs, they may also have different reasons for considering our rental programs.

Typically, these situations will fall into one of the following two categories and while they are different reasons for renting an XRF analyzer, the Quickshot XRF Rental Plans are excellent solutions for both.

Great for short term needs. 
In the current economy many organizations that need to test for compliance to various hazardous substance regulations (CPSIA, RoHS, etc) are looking to limit their expenses while obtaining accurate in-house results. They typically just have a short term need to test incoming goods or to verify third party test results…regardless; purchasing a unit would not be an economical solution.

By renting a Handheld XRF Analyzer from Quickshot XRF, however, these organizations can obtain the technology they require for accurate testing on a short term basis while not having to make the larger investment to purchase a system. 

Rentals are acting as a technology trial.  Quickshot XRF’s rental program is unique in that we provide the renter an option to credit 100% of their initial rental fee towards the purchase price. We offered this option because many companies that consider XRF technology for RoHS and CPSIA testing do not have experience with x-ray fluorescence and are (understandably) hesitant to make the full investment without seeing a system and using it.

It is important to note that the rental plans are much different than a one-hour sales pitch (demonstrations that others offer) because rentals let a potential end-user review the system and technology at their own pace, in their real work environment and for an extended period of time.  Typically, after a one week rental a company will see the benefits of the technology to their processes and make the investment (with full credit of their rental).

At QSX Instruments, we are working to improve the solutions that we offer and the rental program may be receiving a few tweaks in the near future.  The changes are in response to conversations with several organizations that rented analyzers and we feel will help continue the positive response our rental plans receive.

Do you have a short term testing need?
Would you like to review XRF technology before investing?
Have a suggestion to improve our XRF Rental plans
Contact a Quickshot XRF Sales Associate (here) to discuss your needs.