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Testimonial: Benefits of Quickshot XRF for Gold Testing

For several years, buyers of precious metals have had an interest in x-ray fluorescence technology because of the benefits of accuracy and speed that a quality XRF analyzer will offer.  However, until a few years ago, the cost of the technology limited it to large refiners and buy-back operations.  Recent developments in XRF technology have lead to a decreased cost of acquisition while maintaining a high level of accuracy in precious metal assay so that gold buyers of all sizes can potentially add the technology to incease long-term profits.   Systems like the QSX-79Tplus allow gold buyers of various sizes to see the benefits of the technology on the buying side as well as when working with their refiners.

A Quickshot XRF user located in Canada recently provided the following thoughts on his experience with the QSX Instruments Inc analyzer line.  This particular client is a jeweler that has purchased an increasingly large amount of scrap jewelry and dental scrap.  He chose the QSX-295T for the precision and speed that it can provide.

Gold Buyer Facility with Quickshot XRFstatement from the client:
We are very busy here and a good part of that business is due to the Quickshot XRF unit.  Having this device allows us to pay a higher percentage on the scrap gold we buy because we know exactly what we are buying.  No guessing means a better payout for clients.  Consequently, we have clients who will drive over a hundred miles to sell to us even though our competitors are in their own community.

We are currently buying two to three kg AGW of material every month.  That is remarkable when one considers the fact that we are in a community of 70,000.  It has been a little over a year since we purchased our Quickshot XRF and it has paid for itself several times over since then.  I could not imagine operating a business of this nature without one.

Have you already added a Quickshot XRF analyzer to help increase your gold buying business?  Tell us how it has affected your growth.  If you are still considering the technology, you can review more benefits of XRF here and contact a Quickshot XRF sales associate to discuss what is important to your consideration of x-ray fluorescence.

Gold Buyer Promotes X-ray Fluorescence to Sellers

A gold buyer out of Texas, Gracies Gold, is currently using a QSX-79Tplus as a loaner while they wait for delivery of another model.  This client has not wasted time promoting the use of X-ray Fluorescence to differentiate themselves from the competition.  On the company website, they have a page dedicated to explaining XRF Technology and the benefits it presents to their potential clients selling gold.

At Quickshot XRF, we often highlight the benefits that properly used XRF technology will provide to both the sellers and buyers of precious metals.  When considering the front end benefits of XRF, our clients consider the number of options that people selling gold have and ask themselves…how am I different from the other gold buyers?  Organizations that answer that question by investing in, and promoting, XRF analyzers develop a reputation for offering accurate, and honest, payouts – and reputation extends beyond a single transaction.

In addition to an improved reputation and seperation from the competition, gold buyers see additional benefits:
-  increased accuracy when paying out on scrap jewelry
-  full knowledge of the range of precious metals
-  protection against fraudulent pieces, bad buys
-  increased profits when reselling to refiners (knowledge of what is being handed over)

The question – how are you different than other gold buyers?
For an always increasing number of gold buyers, the answer is XRF accuracy.

Contact Quickshot XRF to discuss your gold buying business and to learn if XRF is a fit.

Testing Gold Buyers and Teaching Sellers

Testing Gold Buyers
Gold sellers are getting smarter and have more options on where to sell then ever before…Agreed?

A recent news story shows the number of options that sellers have and highlights the range of payouts that gold buyers offer
(News Report Video Link).

People selling gold are going to be more aware of the options they have and shop around more…and they may start looking for buyers that use x-ray fluorescence technology.  We have seen reports like this before and this one features the Quickshot XRF QSX-295Tplus.  The user of the system pays out based on the highest accuracies and has earned a reputation for his payouts based on XRF…this reputation and the ‘word of mouth promotion’ has helped him increase his gold buying profits substantially.

Let us know…
     Have you noticed more sellers collecting options before selling?
     Do you use x-ray fluorescence so that the seller feels they are getting the best option?
     Are gold sellers more aware of who they are selling to and getting the best value?

Quickshot XRF offers several analyzer options for verification of gold and other precious metals.  From “entry level” systems to refiner quality analyzers, we can discuss what is critical to your business and offer options to help increase profitability through reputation.

Evolution of Gold Buyers; Moving to Pin-Dips for Instant Assay

One of the most common applications of Quickshot XRF analyzers is the accurate quantification of gold and other precious metals.  Having provided solutions to this industry since our first days, we have seen the increased number of gold buyers and the evolution of many.  That evolution will typically develop from using simple karat identification tests (acid tests, etc) when purchasing scrap to utilizing the benefits that x-ray fluorescence technology offers in speed, accuracy and reliability.  The next phase of evolution is when a buyer that began with a focus on just gold content realizes the need for high accuracy on all precious metals – something that XRF can provide.  Whether the interest is just gold or additional precious metals, many buyers will begin melting goods into bars before sending to the refiner and some have actually evolved into refiners.

Gold Bars Tested by XRFWhen clients reach the point of melting down scrap, they will sometimes request consultation on the best methods of precious metal assay.  The experiences staff of Quickshot XRF can assist with a discussion on various approaches to maximize the accuracy of x-ray fluorescence.  One of these methods involves creating pin-dip samples for instant assay; which is a practice used by precious metal refiners as well as gold buyers that melt down scrap.

Instant assay of precious metals and karat alloys uses the XRF technique that requires the samples be very homogenous (uniform throughout) in order to achieve the highest accuracy.  Homogenous is an absolute requirement.  If molten metals are allowed to cool down slowly they usually segregate, or separate, into non-homogenous materials – the outer surface often being richer in gold if it is a karat or scrap.  This affects the accuracy significantly since all XRF analyzers measure only 10-25um into the surface of a sample.  Molten liquid metal is very homogenous if stirred and mixed.  When the molten metal is quickly quenched, or cooled, the uniform distribution of the elements in the liquid metal state is “captured” better and retained in the resulting solid form.  Use of hollow vacuum-evacuated glass tubes, called “pin dip tubes”, facilitates taking proper samples for the instant assay.

A full overview of pin-dip procedures for instant assay is available -
Contact Quickshot XRF staff to request a copy or discuss xray fluorescence for precious metal assay.

RoHS2 and XRF Technology: Article from PCB Magazine

With the RoHS2 regulations, we have seen a renewed interest in X-ray Fluorescence technology for hazardous substance testing.  Many organizations involved with electronic components, circuits boards, etc are affected by these regulations are looking to XRF analyzers as part of their compliance system.

In the February issue of ‘Printed Circuits Design’ Magazine, an article discusses the technical documentation and process control aspects that must be considered.  The article, written by Scott Mazur, highlights XRF Technology for an organizations internal process control and as an RoHS2 monitoring device.  He notes, “During electronics manufacturing, many variables and cross-contamination opportunities exist.  XRF technology can verify that the various processes, equipment, tools and materials are compliant.

It is a beneficial read for organizations considering their approach to RoHS2 monitoring and control. 
Read the complete article from Printed Circuit Design Magazine.

Circuit Board Testing with XRF

He highlights the portability benefit of Handheld XRF, which will allow for on site vendor audits.  The following manufacturing areas being potential XRF testing points:
-  Surface Mount Technology
-  Wave Solder
-  Hand Soldering
-  Final Assembly

While the author does highlight Handheld XRF for its portability, we always suggest that organizations dealing with smaller components and looking for streamlined functionality consider the QSX-82D desktop model from Quickshot XRF.  Please contact a QSX Instruments associate to discuss your process control requirements and how the technology may best fit…and read that article.