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Gold Buyer Promotes X-ray Fluorescence to Sellers

A gold buyer out of Texas, Gracies Gold, is currently using a QSX-79Tplus as a loaner while they wait for delivery of another model.  This client has not wasted time promoting the use of X-ray Fluorescence to differentiate themselves from the competition.  On the company website, they have a page dedicated to explaining XRF Technology and the benefits it presents to their potential clients selling gold.

At Quickshot XRF, we often highlight the benefits that properly used XRF technology will provide to both the sellers and buyers of precious metals.  When considering the front end benefits of XRF, our clients consider the number of options that people selling gold have and ask themselves…how am I different from the other gold buyers?  Organizations that answer that question by investing in, and promoting, XRF analyzers develop a reputation for offering accurate, and honest, payouts – and reputation extends beyond a single transaction.

In addition to an improved reputation and seperation from the competition, gold buyers see additional benefits:
-  increased accuracy when paying out on scrap jewelry
-  full knowledge of the range of precious metals
-  protection against fraudulent pieces, bad buys
-  increased profits when reselling to refiners (knowledge of what is being handed over)

The question – how are you different than other gold buyers?
For an always increasing number of gold buyers, the answer is XRF accuracy.

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