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Testing Gold Buyers and Teaching Sellers

Testing Gold Buyers
Gold sellers are getting smarter and have more options on where to sell then ever before…Agreed?

A recent news story shows the number of options that sellers have and highlights the range of payouts that gold buyers offer
(News Report Video Link).

People selling gold are going to be more aware of the options they have and shop around more…and they may start looking for buyers that use x-ray fluorescence technology.  We have seen reports like this before and this one features the Quickshot XRF QSX-295Tplus.  The user of the system pays out based on the highest accuracies and has earned a reputation for his payouts based on XRF…this reputation and the ‘word of mouth promotion’ has helped him increase his gold buying profits substantially.

Let us know…
     Have you noticed more sellers collecting options before selling?
     Do you use x-ray fluorescence so that the seller feels they are getting the best option?
     Are gold sellers more aware of who they are selling to and getting the best value?

Quickshot XRF offers several analyzer options for verification of gold and other precious metals.  From “entry level” systems to refiner quality analyzers, we can discuss what is critical to your business and offer options to help increase profitability through reputation.