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RoHS2 and XRF Technology: Article from PCB Magazine

With the RoHS2 regulations, we have seen a renewed interest in X-ray Fluorescence technology for hazardous substance testing.  Many organizations involved with electronic components, circuits boards, etc are affected by these regulations are looking to XRF analyzers as part of their compliance system.

In the February issue of ‘Printed Circuits Design’ Magazine, an article discusses the technical documentation and process control aspects that must be considered.  The article, written by Scott Mazur, highlights XRF Technology for an organizations internal process control and as an RoHS2 monitoring device.  He notes, “During electronics manufacturing, many variables and cross-contamination opportunities exist.  XRF technology can verify that the various processes, equipment, tools and materials are compliant.

It is a beneficial read for organizations considering their approach to RoHS2 monitoring and control. 
Read the complete article from Printed Circuit Design Magazine.

Circuit Board Testing with XRF

He highlights the portability benefit of Handheld XRF, which will allow for on site vendor audits.  The following manufacturing areas being potential XRF testing points:
-  Surface Mount Technology
-  Wave Solder
-  Hand Soldering
-  Final Assembly

While the author does highlight Handheld XRF for its portability, we always suggest that organizations dealing with smaller components and looking for streamlined functionality consider the QSX-82D desktop model from Quickshot XRF.  Please contact a QSX Instruments associate to discuss your process control requirements and how the technology may best fit…and read that article.