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Gold Testing XRF Step Into 2012 With New Software

As we enter the New Year, QSX Instruments Inc is very excited to release a new software package for our popular X-ray Fluorescence analyzers.  A focus during the last quarter of 2011 was to complete the updated software package for QSX desktop systems built for detecting gold and other precious metals – the QSX-79T, QSX-79Tplus, the QSX-295T and the soon to be released QSX-295Tplus.

Benefits of the 2012 software package include:

Windows 7 Operating System: one of the first XRF analyzers for gold testing to operate on a W7 platform

Single Button Measurement: with one button to press and accurate results in 10 to 30 seconds, these instruments provide the easiest user interface possible

Manual Karat-Match Function: provides a layer of protection against ‘bad buys’ (ie plated gold pieces)

View a video demonstration of the newest XRF Analyzer software

These new benefits enhance the experience for gold buyers that choose Quickshot XRF systems for their quality, performance and value.  All the bench-top systems continue to include a clean interface from the computer to the chamber…meaning no additional cards or software while using a simple USB connection; which is beneficial should any computer issues arise.  The software also allows for a customizable library of precious metal spectrums (great for buyers of dental scrap and coins), a color camera interface and excellent report generation capabilities.

Contact a Quickshot XRF Sales Associate to learn more about the new software, coordinate a web-cam demonstration or to discuss the benefits that XRF technology can offer your gold buying business.