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XRF Analyzers and Lead Detection Business

I wanted to share a nice article I read about an entrepreneur that utilized handheld x-ray fluorecence technology to create a new business.  The article is from a Kansas on-line newspaper and discusses the approach taken by a young man that provides portable lead testing services; typically for lead in paint analysis.  It offers an overview of his clients that range from construction companies that need lead testing but are not investing in the technology to personal homes and businesses that want to know more about potential lead contamination.

The full article can be read here: “He’s in the business of detecting lead in older homes

One portion of the article that I would like to point out is when he notes a major benefit of Handheld XRF Analyzers (like the Quickshot XRF QSX-HH system)…he comments about his research into testing options and noted how taking paint chips to an outside laboratory for analysis was too slow for many customers.  The portable X-ray Fluorescence analyzer allows him to take the lab with him and provide almost instant results.

Are you a succcess story like this young man?  Are you considering a similar approach?  He used a new regulation to start up his business that relies on the accuracy of XRF technology.  Send us your story or contact Quickshot XRF if you are considering a similar business to learn more about our portable system.