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Internet Benefits to XRF Operators: learning, training and servicing

There is no need to start this blog entry off with an overview of how the internet has changed our day to day lives.  Most people realize how it can save time, keep us connected, educate, etc.  This entry is about how the internet has benefited the users of Quickshot XRF analyzers…in all phases of a relationship with end-users the internet is helping us connect with interested contacts, educate them and save them time.

Web-Demonstrations: know what XRF technology can do
For about one year we have been able to allow interested parties to view an x-ray fluorescence analyzer from their facility.  No travel is needed to see the system in use; the software package is actually on their computer screen and in full operation.  During these demonstrations they can consult with a technical advisor and (hopefully) realize the benefits of the QSX software and XRF technology.

Training Opportunities: understand the technology better
Typically, thanks to streamlined software packages, end-users of Quickshot XRF analyzers only require an operation manual and training videos to begin obtaining accurate results.  Of course, we offer the option of on-site installation/training but we are now able to offer web-cam training as well.  Web-cam training allows us to clarify points and streamline the education of an end-user…while eliminating the costs associated with traveling for on-site service.  The web-cam training can even be recorded for the specific customer so that they can refer to it afterwards.

Remote Service / Support: minimizing down-time
Using the same technology as our web-demo’s and training, we are able to resolve software related questions or “issues” while limiting downtime that would otherwise occur from phone consultation or technician travel time.  By actually taking control of a users computer and instrument software, our technical staff can quickly troubleshoot and resolve software related concerns – saving a customer down-time and potential profits.

A recent example of this was a West Coast user of the QSX-295T that was digging into areas of the software they didn’t need to and “adjusted” something.  The resulting measurements were not what were expected but it was actually a simple fix – however, just a few years back our technical staff would have had to trouble shoot through the phone and hoped that they could pick up on everything.  With remote evaluation service, however, the end-user passed control of their system to our technical staff and within a few minutes we were able to identify the error and resolve the problem remotely…limiting the time involved…and time is money.

At QSX Instruments, we pride ourselves on offering top support to organizations that choose our analyzers for their testing needs.  We do our best to insure that any questions or concerns are answered timely and effectively – now the internet is helping with that effort.   We will continue to review how the internet can help us help you…feel free to offer up any suggestions!