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Quickshot XRF Looks Back Then Forward

XRF New YearsAt the end of every year, many organizations reflect on the past year and set goals for the new one.  At Quickshot XRF, we look back and are pleased with our approach to promoting XRF Analyzers by discussing a potential users needs, educating them honestly and providing support as needed.  We look forward to opening new doors in the New Year with this approach.

As you may know from looking around the site, we have had a focus on two applications – precious metals analysis and hazardous substance detection.  Those are the focus as we look back on 2010.

          Gold Testing / Precious Metals Analysis

A growing interest for gold buyers and precious metal refiners is adding XRF technology to maximize profits (among other benefits).  At the start of 2010 many looked to low-cost XRF technology that used Proportional Counter detection systems.  However, the limitations became clear (no matter what some XRF Sales organizations say) and many looked to the more advanced QSX-295T for their testing needs.  With redesigned software and some hardware adjustments, the QSX-295T finished with a strong year – providing what the gold buyers need…versatile metal identification with accuracy and speed.  While it may not be as low-cost as the QSX-79T, the QSX-295T performs much better and is on par in performance with systems that cost substantially more than it.

In 2011?  We look forward to educating potential users on the proper technology to meet their gold buying and precious metal identification interests.  Also, we have a new distributor relationship that will be announced soon; they will focus on this testing need.

          Hazardous Substance Detection

The primary use of the QSX Handheld XRF has been identification of lead, cadmium and additional heavy metals in consumer goods and electronics.  CPSIA, Proposition-65 and RoHS remain a concern for many organizations and we are pleased to offer a budget friendly method for reliable in-house testing.  We have been selected by sporting good and clothing manufacturers, toy and accessory importers and even some non-profit groups to provide a simple solution to their testing interest.

In 2011?  The handheld analyzer is a great performer for hazardous substance detection; the focus in 2011 will be to let more organizations looking for testing solutions know about QSX…and our rental plan, which has an option to credit 100% of a rental fee towards the purchase price.

          Overall in 2011…?

We will continue providing potential users of XRF technology with the information they require to make educated decisions.  In terms of instrument performance, last year we focused on perfecting our analyzers for the primary markets that we service and moving into 2011, we look to expand the use of our handheld analyzer.  We have software packages for the handheld that can be the solution for many additional testing needs and we look forward to introducing our line of x-ray fluorescence to these industries.

We hope you have an excellent holiday season and everybody at Quickshot XRF hopes to have an opportunity to help you meet your testing needs in 2011…