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Toy Industry Statement on XRF Technology for CPSIA Screening

I recently found some information while reviewing the Toy Industry Association Inc (TIA) website about CPSIA Screening and the potential role of x-ray fluorescence.  Below is the opening paragraph of a statement from the website.  Below that I have also included a link to the full statement and a CPSIA Resource page from the TIA website.

From the Toy Industry Association statement:
Based upon information provided by experienced engineers, safety authorities, and manufacturers of the instruments involved, the Toy Industry Association (TIA) believes that X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) technology may be reliably used as a screening mechanism for detecting the presence of  heavy metal elements in toys when  prescribed test methods are followed and the appropriate standard reference materials are used. 

As noted in previous posts, CPSIA Screening is one of the most popular uses of the Quickshot XRF Handheld Analyzer.  The above information provides some useful information for toy importers, manufacturers, retailers, etc as all aspects may be affected by CPSIA regulations.

Existing Technology Being Used in New Ways

Our friends at Indoor Environment Connections (IEC) have offered several articles on the current concerns surrounding drywall.  They recently had a Q&A with a company that uses X-Ray Fluorescence as part of their drywall testing procedures. 

The article begins…”Handheld XRF analyzers have been in use for years in many fields for the purpose of scrap sorting, art/archaeometry, research and training, mining and exploration as well as detection of restricted materials.  One of the newest uses is in the detection of marker elements in gypsum wallboard to assist in determining the presence of Chinese reactive drywall that is plaguing many homes throughout the United States…”
         The article continues with Q&A about the technology and application
         The Full Article can be reviewed through this link on Page 25

A few points of interest that were noted in the answers:
     “XRF instrument is only one of several tools used to evaluate…”
     “…XRF is being introduced in conjunction with other testing in legal cases around the country.”

Check out the article for more thoughts on X-ray Fluorescence in drywall testing and contact IEC to receive their magazine.  Feel free to contact Quickshot XRF to speak with an Application Specialist on this.