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Watching the first NFL game and…

Like a lot of people, last night I was watching the first NFL game of the 2009 season – the Titans vs the Steelers.  Coming back from a commercial, they had video of a steel plant and I was keeping my eyes open for somebody using an XRF Analyzer to verify the steel grade

I didn’t see an analyzer in that video but it is funny the different places that I have seen x-ray fluorescence on television.  Of course, with the lead content regulations on children products (CPSIA, Proposition-65, etc) many news broadcasts feature Handheld XRF.  However, I have also seen instruments on documentary shows about home inspections and one Discovery show about different metals as it discussed how XRF can be  used to verify metals.  My favorite siting of an XRF Analyzer in a TV show was on a detective/police show; a desktop x-ray fluorescence spectrometer unit was used in the crime laboratory (forensics application).

Since Quickshot XRF is so new to the market, none of the analyzers I’ve seen on television were ours – but if anybody from TV-Land is reading this; contact us about using one in the future!