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XRF Service

So that I don’t just leave the QSX-Blog with an overview blog; this one is about service and support…

QSX Instruments and our sister company have been involved with XRF technology for over thirty years…along the way it has been obvious that most companies were just looking to sell instruments.  They provided little after installation support to the user.  Other systems come from overseas and are shipped to the user with a couple of chords to plug in and an ‘operation manual’.   Those companies offer a cheap machine but provide zero (as in 0) support.

QSX Instruments realizes that even though we provide software programs that are simple to navigate; many of our customers require support after they choose the right Quickshot XRF system for their needs.  That’s why we have teamed with a leader in XRF Service & Support to provide the best follow-up for our customers.

XRF Instruments are an investment in your company - and with our application specialists and support team; Quickshot XRF makes certain that you are making the right investment…

QSX-Blog: the blog about x-ray fluorescence stuff

QSX Instruments presents the Quickshot XRF product line – and the QSX-Blog.  This blog will include a variety of XRF related information; including advice on instrument use, reviews from current users, updates on regulations that XRF can provide a testing solution for – and much more…

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