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Desktop XRF for RoHS Compliance Testing Needs

RoHS Compliance Test Equipment
Quickshot XRF already offered a Handheld XRF analyzer for detection of hazardous substances but realized a need for analysis of small electronic components...to meet this interest the desktop QSX-82D was developed. 

This efficiently designed system offers the hardware specifications required to meet the rigorous demands of RoHS (and related) regulations and includes a color camera system (with crosshairs) for accurate alignment and analysis of smaller electronic components. The QSX-82D offers a top price-to-performance ratio for benchtop RoHS compliance testing equipment. 

This desktop analyzer has been received with excellent reviews and, with the Quickshot XRF handheld unit, provides another option for RoHS Testing.

Watch the video demonstration of the QSX-82D.  The video highlights the streamlined software and reporting functions. 


  • Streamlined software package offers a simple to navigate interface
  • Developed for analysis of smaller electronic components; streamlined functionality 
  • Great report functions; includes organization details, spectrum, results and camera image 


  • Silicon PIN-Diode (Si-PIN) Detection System
         -  great resolution make it the optimum solution for RoHS
         -  optional Silicon Drift Detection technology (SDD) for faster measurements
  • Eight (8) automatic collimators (from 8.0mm to 0.1mm)
         -  provides versatility critical for smaller components, spot analysis
  • Five (5) automatic filters: 
         -  this increases sensitivity and offers lower detection limits
  • Large interior chamber with moveable sample stage
  • Color camera system including cross-hairs for spot analysis
         -  beneficial in report generation and sample alignment
  • Signal to Noise Enhancer (SNE) increases measurement accuracy
  • Element Range of Potassium (K) through Uranium (U) 
  • Multi-Variable non-linear regression procedures
  • Computer included; operates with Windows 7 interface
  • Parts-per-Million (PPM) results quickly obtainable

While the QSX-82D was developed specifically for RoHS related screening interests, the analyzer does offer a solution for additional quality control measurement needs.  With the appropriate configuration of software and components, the system can be used for solder composition, thickness, plating solutions, and more.  Review the details of its versatility.

RoHS Test Equipment Details
Video Demonstration of the QSX-82D
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